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Digital Timing LightPart#3568a

The Innova 3568 top-of-the line timing light is ideal for the selective do-it-yourselfer. Includes a split-screen digital LCD that displays tachometer and advance readouts simultaneously.

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Digital Timing Light Part#3568a

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Does my timing light work on positive ground systems?

Our timing light will only work on 12V negative ground system. Some pre-1960’s vehicles used positive ground systems. Check service manuals for the correct ground systems.

Does my timing light support Multi Spark Ignitions system?

Your timing light is designed for use on all 12-volt negative ground vehicles equipped with conventional breaker point and electronic ignition systems.

What do I do if my timing light does not flash?

Make sure the upper and lower ferrite cores of the inductive pickup clip are clean. Also, make sure the inductive pickup clamp is properly connected to the No. 1 spark plug cable.

What do I do if my timing light does not turn on?

Make sure the battery clips are firmly connected to the battery terminals. Make sure the battery clip polarity is correct (red battery clip is connected to the positive (+) battery terminal, black battery clip is connected to the negative (–) battery terminal).

What if the Timing Light readout locks up during use?

Disconnect and reconnect the timing light's positive (+) battery clip from the battery to reset the unit.

Does my timing light work on 6V systems?

Your timing light may be used on vehicles with 6-volt electrical systems by using the following connection procedure: 12-volt automotive battery required.
1. Connect the RED battery clip to the positive (+) terminal of a 12-volt battery.
2. Connect the BLACK battery clip to the negative (-) terminal of a 12-volt battery.
3. Using a length of 18AWG jumper wire, ground the negative (-) terminal of the 12-volt battery to a known-good ground on the vehicle under test.

Where can I find the timing specification for my vehicle?

Consult the vehicle's service manual for procedures and specifications.

Where do I connect the red and black clamps on my vehicle?

Place the RED lead onto the positive (+) side of the battery. Place the BLACK lead onto the negative (-) side of the battery, or the chassis of the vehicle.

I lost my Owner’s Manual, where can I get another one

You can download a copy of the Product User Manual from our website: innova.com 

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